Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Year~2016

It's so weird now it's 2016. I feel like each year goes faster and faster, so it feels like 2015 just flew by. I know I have got a few things I want to do this year that I didn't do much of last year. Before I tell you what my resolutions are for this year I want to show/tell you about some of my highlights from this year.
 Starting right back at February was definitely turning thirteen and getting my ears pierced. 

 Cycling to Kenya wasn't the most fun thing of 2015, but it was definitely a highlight.  

 The time when mum and dad went to Kenya and I spent a little more than a week in Huddersfield with one of my best friends. Every time I look back at photos from this, I smile and I remember how much fun I had and I want to go back and do it all again.

 The summer when the cousins came round and this summer was one of the best summers I remember.

 Energi and our Holiday this year.

 defiantly when I got to read this amazing book and the second one which is one of the things I got for Christmas. They were both such amazing books and I want Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella to bring out another one.(the bottom picture is placed again nearer the end because I got it for Christmas so I put it down near to the end of the year pictures. I put it up here with the other picture because I thought it would make a little bit of sense to)

 When we went to Colwyn Bay and the #Gathering100 was amazing this I think it was one of my favourite Gatherings.

Again reading Zoella's book and again the cousins, I just love the cousins and this years boxing day was a good boxing day.

2015 was such an amazing year and I can't wait for some more memories to be made this year.
 Some of the things I want to do this year are:

  • Go for more runs/ walks, I started going for runs and walks last year in the summer, but then kinda stopped just as it came to winter, so now I haven't been doing it as much as want.
  • drink more water
  • Get better at my school work. Because I do home school I am kind of behind my school year. 
That is just some of them, this blog is already quite long, so I am not putting many. I can't wait for this year to really get started.

I would love to know down in the comments what your new year resolutions are and what your favourite things where about this year.

  Hugs from,

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