Thursday, 6 February 2014


 Don't know what to talk about this week. so I'll jabba on about random stuff....... cdygfisdy his fhiudhsuh vsughsiu!!!!! Yes I am very Random!!! And no its not a different language, But I guess I could tell you some words in Italiano! because that's the language I'm learning.

  • Hello and bye: Ciao is said chow.
  • good morning: Buongiorno is said
  • Yes: Si 
  • No: no
  • Beer: Birra
  • sugar is zucchero said as its spelt.
I know lots more but not all. If you want to know any more please ask :) ydemGWFJGY tAT was Minni :| So talk next week when I'll be telling you about Minni's birthday :)

P.S. I learn Italian on you can learn any language!!