Monday, 20 October 2014

The Gathering Is In 4 Days!!!!!!!!!


I'm going to speak about the gathering today because its in 4 days and I'm SO exited!!! There is loads of people I'm exited to see, who I haven't seen in ages(since Energi) They're is also going to be loads of famous people Well not really famous, But there is going to be: Chip K, Andy Hunter, Tim Alford, Dave Newton, Joseph Perry, Shell Perris and Ian Yates. There is also going to be a Onesie party, Roller disco, Lazer quest, football tournament, a climbing wall, crazy golf, bungee run and a obstacle course. There is a video of the gathering on YouTube, search; Gathering 14 - full trailer. ( I have basically told you what the video says but you can watch it if you want to.) 

I am basically SUPER exited and I literally CAN'T wait!!!!


                                                   P.S. Please comment:)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Last week

Ok, So the last time my blog was a bit weird. This week I'm going to talk about last week because it was a non book week.


I stayed in bed for a little longer than usual because I knew that it wasn't a normal week, It was a non book week, where I can just play games or make things or just do something educational.
When I was up I colored a bit and then played a game of Monopoly-city with Taz. I did well at the start and then as usual Taz beet me anyway. Monopoly-City took up most of the day but I did have time to play one game of Othello With Lilo.


Again I stayed in bed till about 9:45ish and When I got up I played on the Wii on Just Dance with everyone, we did that till about lunch time. (DD just went round moaning about not playing Monopoly city and wanting to play it.)  Then I played a game of Boggle with DD. After I think, the clock hit 3:30 and I went and went on minecraft with Stitch because everyone is obsessed with going on it and going on with me. 


I stayed in bed AGAIN because that is what I did every morning. This time when I got up I played a game of Othello with Lilo again. This took till snack time and after snack break I did a little more colouring. I can't remember what else I did  today so we will move on to...


Today, because DD still wanted to play Monopoly City, we all did, and I WON Whooo!!! I ACTUALLY BEET TAZ!! anyway that took till about lunch time( 1:30) after lunch we played a silly game that isn't educational, but it was just for fun it's called FiFi, Stack a Cake ( I think) After we played that once( Its a really short game) we played Junior Cluedo and then that was the end of our non book week.

We are now back to normal school timetables. I don't think its all in quite the right order but you get some idea of what I did last week.

Thank you for reading.