Saturday, 16 March 2019



                               The first:
                                      We went to see 'How to train your dragon 3'

The second:
Town and 'Dunkin' Donuts'

The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh:

The eighth:
Nothing, probably a homework and bed day.

The ninth:
I had a really nice blue bubble bath (yes it was blue because of the bath-soap-bomb-thing I used)
It was bluer than it shows in the picture, it was also bubblier.

The tenth:
Abbie's 18th

The eleventh:
A very sunny, warm day in February I spent on a walk at college.

The twelfth - fourteenth:
Some cute animals from college

The fifteenth:
Homework (Boring!!)

The sixteenth:
LimitlessOne down in Chorley

The seventeenth:
Church and youth group evenings.

The eighteenth:
Hanging with my ncs besties in town

The nineteenth:
Just other stuff

The twentieth:
Abbie's pizza party

The twenty-first:
More stuff I can't remember

The twenty-second:
Dyeing my hair and seeing an Alice in wonderland walk through play thing.
                       Didn't go that red this time round

The twenty-third to the twenty-fourth:
The Saturday was spent at friends for her birthday and on Sunday was a fun photo shoot with the older sister and brother

The twenty-fifth:
Fun day in the farm with college mates

The twenty-sixth:
Blossom blooming

The twenty-seventh:
My 17th

The twenty-eighth
Homeschooling zoo trip

The end!


Thursday, 7 February 2019

2018 Recap

Well this was supposed to go up a month ago, but I haven't really had the time or motivation to do it, so now its February, but I'm still gonna give my original idea, so... I will give the highlights of each month from 2018 and then I'll tell you a little of my loose plans for 2019.

Not much happened in January 2018, but a couple highlights would be;
2nd // Shopping Trip
4th // Friend comes to Liverpool
21st // Helen Yousaf
31st // Blackpool zoo // College Trip
February was a pretty good month and that's not just cos its my birthday month, I mean I got to see Rend Collective, which was kinda my first ever concert, which was pretty sick!
4th // Rend Collective concert
15th // Visiting a great friend in Oxford

24th // Cousins visit

27th // My 16th birthday

Nothing really happened in March, but there were some good days.
8th // It snowed!
11th // Youth Group movie night
26th //  Trip to Sefton park
 The first thing that happened in April was our friends moved into their first house in Liverpool. The last two weeks of April were spent in Cornwall looking after some friend's dogs. (I'm not gonna post pictures of every day from the holiday because I did a whole blog on it, but I will post my favourite days.)
2nd //  Den Making
16th // Waterfalls

20th // Down by the boats

22nd // Sunset day
26th // Last day 
In May it was basically spring so we had a spring barbecue with friends.
1st // spring time
2nd // Brother's birthday
7th // family and friends barbecue 

28th // Day at the lighthouse

At the start of June I was already at Big Church Day Out because it technically started on the last day of May. Because it was nearing the end of college, I also had my 'graduation'. I wrote a whole blog on big church day out and on what happened in June and July as well, so I'll just show pictures of my favourite days.
2nd // Matt Redmond // Big Church Day Out
11th // Found a frog

28th // Trip to Wrexham
30th // Walk with friends in Mold 

Again, I've written a post on some of what happened in July, so I won't say too much apart from the fact that it was a really great month!
7th // Formby beach barbecue
11th // Friends and beaches

26th // Jesus Loves

31 // Scarborough holiday

In August I went on holiday with friends and to Cef'n lea which there are blogs on both.
My favourite day of the holiday in Scarborough was definitely the roll-coasters and the zoo in flamingo land. Whereas my favourite days at Cef'n lea were day 2 when we had our worship session under the shooting stars and day 4 when my team won the youth games trophy.
1st // Roll-coasters and the Zoo
21st // Worship under the stars
        23rd // We won

Nothing much happened in September apart from the fact I went back to college and it was autumn.
My Nanny's 70th
14th // New alpacas in college
25th // Reptile time

If you read my 'How am I' blog, then you'll know that I went to see the giants in Liverpool with my family, but also something I never got round to writing about was the Gathering. The Gathering was amazing and so powerful like it is every year, so many people gave their lives to Jesus and it was incredible, but I am so sad to say that it was the last Gathering. Limitless are focusing on their events that are bigger like 'Limitless Festival' and a new event called 'Limitless one' which is actually coming up in a couple weeks. 
18th // Autumn
6th // Giants
27th // The Gathering

28th // Praise Jesus
And then November happened. Well there was worship, there were fireworks and then there was ncs. Ncs was amazing! I made so many friends there and I miss them everyday. It may have been cold, and my hands may have almost gone basically blue a couple times, but all the activitie, all the conversation and late night yoga were so much fun and honestly its the best thing that happened to me in 2018. 
3rd //  Elim Sound
5th // sparklers
5th // Firworks

Because I haven't done a whole blog on ncs, I'm going to post one picture from each day, but if you want to hear more about what ncs is and what I did there and got out of it, then just let me know in the comments and I will do a blog on it.
19th / First day // Meeting everyone
and buggie building
20th / Day 2 // Mascot, stress ball and
wheelbarrow making
21st / 3rd day / First aid, zip wires
and late night yoga

22nd / 4th day // Crate stacking,
rock climbing, photo competition
and building a city.
23rd / Last day // Archery and
 journey home

Fun journey home

Ncs didn't stop in November, we had our social action stuff in December, which was basically were we did things to raise money for a charity. We did a cake sale and a sponsored walk. That wasn't the only thing I did in December, I mean its December, so of course I had Christmas, but I also had a 'Loved to worship' worship event, which was one of the best ones yet for me.
4th // Sponsored Onesie walk.
1st // Loved To Worship

5th // Ncs graduation and
saying goodbye to people
8th // Quiz night with family
and friends
 23rd // Candle lit carol Service
24th // Christmas eve hennaing
25th // Christmas day
28th // Christmas with extended family

Well I have finally finished this blog, only took me one and a bit months. :P I know its long and you may have already read about most of what I posted on here in previous posts, but if you haven't and  want to read more about my 2018 adventures that I wrote about go here - and look at all my 2018 posts. Hope you liked looking at this, I will update you with my 2019 in another blog I think because this one is already fairly long, so will hopefully be back in a month or 2.