Thursday, 22 June 2017

New Brighton

I'm so happy summer is here, and although I am now very burnt and in loads of pain. Being in the sun and going to the beach in New Brighton was worth it!



It was an awesome day even if almost my whole body did get burnt, despite putting sun cream on! I would love to here about were you have been so far this summer down in the comments and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My Favourite Movie Franchise

 You may not know this, but I LOVE Pirates of The Caribbean!! All of them!! On the 26th of  May it was the releasing of the fifth one, so here are my top 10 favourite moments of the franchise. (1 being least favourite, but still amazing)

  1. The Curse of The Black Pearl - The Crew of Skeletons, These were the thing that just made me fall in love with the movies, they weren't scary, but they were terrifying at the same time!!
  2. At Worlds End - The Telescope competition, I love how Barbossa has this big telescope and then Captain Jack Sparrow comes up all cocky with this tiny one!!
  3. Dead Man Chest - "I've got a jar of dirt", When Captain Jack does this spontaneous, stupid scene and I just love the crews genuine reaction and It's so hilarious!!
  4. Dead Man Chest - fight for key, This 3 man fight is so much fun to watch, non of them really want to kill each other, but they all want the key and heart for different reasons, it's definitely a favourite!! 
  5. The Curse of The Black Pearl - Jack verses Will, The first time you see Will and Jack meet, and its through a sword fight! What better way is there to meet in a pirate movie!!
  6. At Worlds End - The wedding, Oh My Goodness! I love this scene so much!! This is one of the happiest scenes in the franchise!!! Even if 13 minutes later you're crying your heart out!! This scene combined with Will and Elizabeth's beach scene just gives me all the feels!!
  7. At Worlds End - up is down, The escape from Davy Jones locker is the best! My sister and I can almost recite the whole of this scene, we've watched it so many times!
  8. The Curse of The Black Pearl - Jack verses Barbossa,This is a the beggining of a very odd friendship between Jack and Barbossa, but this relationhsip is the best, they are not best friends, but they are far from enemies!!
  9. At Worlds End - multiple jacks, This is such a great entrance!! I mean I would love to live in a world were there is more than one Captain Jack Sparrow, although I don't think anybody who has met him would agree! :P
  10. The Curse of The Black Pearl - Jack's first entrance, No one has ever entered a film better than Captain Jack Sparrow did! The first time he arrives at Port Royal is just THE BEST, its just all the sas and the way he struts his stuff, I mean no one will ever beat it!
That's my opinion, but I would love to here about your favourite scenes down in the comments and If you've seen the fifth movie I would love to hear your opinion to. I thought it was good, but it could've been better, not to give any spoilers if you haven't seen it yet, but everything just happened too easily! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sum up of April and May!

Wow!! Again its been ages since I wrote my blog, so I will sum up what I've done with pictures!!

To start with I have been busy at college.

I've been enjoying spring and nature.

We've been to the beach!

Seen an Africa'n choir called Watoto.

Its been Easter!!

And Jacob turned 20!!!!
(the guy in the pictures and videos isn't Jacob that's Joel, I managed to some how not get any pictures of Jacob!!)
Snapchat-1198197500 Snapchat-1885212850 Snapchat-1966236024 
Snapchat-1423398931  Snapchat-1719242272
(The guy in the last video is Jacob)

I think I caught you up!! Because we are back in school now I will definitely be posting a bit more hopefully!!