Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Summer Holidays!!

Because we are home-schooled we break of for summer early, so during my Summer so far...

Last week my mum, two sisters and I  went to see "Midsummer's Night Dream" by Shakespeare in theater, it was loads of fun and I really want to go see something else in theater. At the begging as guests walked in, some of the actors gave us flowers, I accidentally broke the stem of mine, but it is still surviving:)  

I started a colouring yesterday and finished it yesterday, but I love it!

Apart from that, I haven't done anything that interesting, but today I went on a walk to see one of my favourite horses that lives near us...  
sorry if its the wrong way round also it reads "I think I'm making him fall asleep":/

He saw another horse coming his way ;)
There are also other horses among my favourite horse.

After stroking my horse friends I walked home taking photos of flowers, which is all my phone camera is good at.

Hope you enjoyed. Might write more over the summer depending on what I do. I prefer to write my blogs when I have pictures to show. Hopefully write soon anyway. Please comment and keep reading :)


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