Monday, 13 June 2016

Reasheath on 14 of September

Just a quick little blog to let you know that I, myself will be going to college on the 14th of September. I was very nervous until I went to the induction day and now all I am is excited. 
 You must be thinking how on earth is she going to college at only 14?? Well Reasheath college take you on early. I will be going one day a week in the 14 to 16 group and in college I am doing,- level 2, animal management. I will be working with animals scooping out poop and looking after them. I don't really know exactly what I'm doing, but I know where I am going and I have already made a friend who is home schooled aswell, so that is pretty cool. 
 When I am home I don't know what I'll do maybe carry on doing my zoology book, read and do any homework or whatever work I have to do. I might also be doing my GCSE's in college, but I am not quite sure yet because it's a bit more complicated for the 14's.
 Anyway I am very excited to start and I don't think I'll be nervous much because I've made a friend, I know some idea of what I am doing and I know where I am going. All very exciting :)


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