Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Big News!!!

I was going to post pictures about what else I've been up to, but I have got bigger news!!

We, as a family, are moving to Kensington in Liverpool. My dad was offered a job there in a church, to be a pastor. He accepted because we believe that that is where God wants us to be right now. Its very scary, exciting, and all emotions mixed together.

Pros and cons of going:
  • New house that is very nice and has a wonderful, massive park out the front.
  • New friends.
  • New start.
  • We get to build up a church of our own.
  • Having the park might make me go for runs more and get out more.
  • We live just a five or ten minute walk away from the church.
  • There is a farm and safari park nearby, which is exciting because I could get involved with some of that. Probably the farm more than the safari.
  • Its bran new and could be loads of fun and its not too far away, only an hours drive:) 
  • The place is beautiful.
  • I will miss the country side with all the wildlife and the horses.
  • I have to get on the train at about 7:30am every Wednesday to go to college.
  • I am going to miss the wonderful family church we have here.
  • My gymnastics will be sad to give up because, although I am not very good, I do enjoy it :(
  • Nantwich is home and I will miss it very much.
  • some of the friends I have made here I may not see very often or at all.
  • We have to pack everything up before the end of September which is going to lead to a lot of stress.
  • I will miss being here, the place is home and nothing will ever be like it.
  • Liverpool will be very different to here.
Its all mixed emotions. We went to see the place on Friday and it was really nice there. Its still got a lot of work to do on the house and the church but its a nice place to be and the people are lovely.
Thanks for reading and will post all my summer holiday pictures in another post.

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