Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A lovely winter walk ~ with lots of pictures

Yesterday I had a sudden urge I wanted  to go on the trampoline. I asked my sister Lilo if she wanted to join me and she said yes. After abut two minutes of being on the trampoline, my sister Abbie came outside and instead of carrying on playing on the trampoline, we decided to go in the fern field. Where we played on the swing our dad made us and took lots of pictures.

It was already becoming sunset, so the sky was very pretty.

After a while we wanted to go for a walk, so Abbie and I took our phones, Lilo didn't take her phone because it was probably out of charge and her camera is broken, but she came with us for fun.

I am definitely an animal person. I am not just saying that to big myself up, but I do love horses and dogs and lots of other animals. This horse above is so beautiful. I tried to get a picture of its eyes because they had speckles all round them and they were pretty. One of my sisters said, for a joke, to take a selfie with the horse and I was "haha yeah lets do it"  I turned my camera round to front camera, got in front of the horse and the horse literately put its head on my shoulder, but I missed the picture. Disappointing, but still was pretty cool. 

When we got back to the house our fingertips where freezing, we were all numb and decided it was a good idea to get into our pajamas and have a nice, warm, cozy hot chocolate, while we scroll through the millions of photos we took. 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.
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  1. This is lovely! .... I was just read the horse's blog about this really weird girl who tried to take a selfie with him, but missed the shot! You can probably read about it here -


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