Monday, 1 June 2015


So as I wrote last I was excited for Energi and Huddersfield. Well today I am not going to write about Huddersfield, but summarize what we did at Energi.

We got there quite early, so we had to wait for at least an hour for most of our friends to get there, but in the mean time we found our rooms, got settled in and then just waited.

When our friends got there we were so happy because we were super bored!  We kinda just said hi to people, caught up and did stuff, until tea time - we had pizza and chips . After tea it was phone time, which is were we ring our mum and dad and let them know what we have been up to.

Free time was after that and then the evening meeting. In the evening meeting we normally do worship, but because this was the first day the evening meeting was about watching the theme film ( LEGO Movie )and finding out the rules. After the evening meeting it was hot chocolate and bed.

In the morning it's breakfast and room inspections. After breakfast is when the juniors and seniors split up and go into their separate morning meetings ( called devotions I think ) After devotions it's activities ( dance and craft ), free time, lunch, tuck shop and then more free time. It's free time until tea time and of course after tea time its evening meeting, but this time it's worship and you get to see God work in so many people :)

Pretty much the same routine, but so many people were ill this year including the leader who teaches dance. Instead of dance today we went down to the field, played some sports and ran a round. Apart from that it was the same routine.

Now today is when everything happens. Same routine for the morning with all the free time and everything, but this time instead of  dance was playing games in the sports hall until lunch. Lunch is when we had a barbecue. Obviously after lunch was tuck shop and then after tuck shop was bouncy castles, SO MUCH FUN! It was a little bit of free time after that, just for people to have enough time to practice for the talent show. Their was quite a lot of talent this year, but also a little bit humiliation and cuteness ;) Talent show was over, it was tea time, free time then meeting time. So many people were healed!

Home time and a very sad time for all of us because it felt like it when too fast, like it always does.We get up in the morning and pack our bags, put our bags in the sports hall ready to get into cars and coaches when they arrive and then go to breakfast. We went for a walk and because we aren't aloud in our rooms once we have our bags out of them, we have to hang around in the sports hall. It's lunch pretty quick and after lunch it's tuck shop as normal, we get to spend the rest of our money so that we have enough sweets and chocolate for the journey. After tuck we get our phones back and its selfies/exchange numbers with everyone time.

Some Nantwich people leave first, then Rugby people, then our family, and the last people are Driffield. It is so very sad to say goodbye to all our lovely friends that we rarely get to see and the lovely, very funny leaders that plan the whole thing. I love them all and pray that God blesses them always.

It was all so much fun, thank you for reading and please comment!!
                                P.s sorry there are no pictures if you wanted them.

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