Monday, 18 May 2015


Well today I don't have much exciting news apart from... ITS NEARLY ENERGIIII!!!! I'm excited, except its hard to show it, like i know I'm excited but it feels like I'm not :\ It's a weird feeling. 

On Friday we are going to a home-ed-camp, in Huddersfield. It is in the same place that I went to a few weeks back ( I wrote a blog about it - ) It is held by the same people two. They have a big field so all the home-ed peeps and friends bring their tents and camp in their big field. I love it there <3 I might be more exited for this then I am Energi. I think it might be because one of my friends isn't coming Energi this year and I will really miss her being there, haven't seen her in a year.

We get back from Huddersfield on Sunday and then the Monday after we leave for Energi, Its going to make me tired, But the excitement will keep me awake and lively :) 

That's it from me hope you enjoyed :)

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