Monday, 15 June 2015

DD's Birthday

Last Thursday was DD's birthday. 
We got up in the morning and did his presents and cards, then did school because that is obviously what we do on a Thursday ;) We had a sports day on Thursday because it was really good weather and it was just for a bit of fun. We also had a bit of a Lego day because DD got a big police Lego set.

Friday is when we did most things. We had a barbecue on Friday, we had his cake on Friday
and we gave him some juggling balls on Friday. He has been really into juggling recently and wanted to learn how to juggle, so mum bought him some death star juggling balls.
This is just him blowing out his candles. They were re-light-able candles which is why they are still alight when the video finishes.  

We just did some juggling and catching practice after that, but I think DD enjoyed his birthday and he was really happy with his presents.

That's all.

         Oh wait I just want to say one more thing, it's only 2 weeks before we go away on holiday and I am SUPER excited!!

That is all

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