Monday, 3 November 2014

2 Weeks of AWESOMENESS!!!

Hello!! It has now been two weeks since the Gathering, the reason I didn't write last week is because it was holidays.

In the Holidays
From Monday to Wednesday Lilo's BEST friend came round, She lives a long way away way in Oxford. We had a great time with her, We(Lilo and I)played outside, had a laugh, played bohnanza and had loads of fun on the Wii as well. ( if you read my new year blog you will know what game bohnanza is)  On Thursday we went on a very nice walk. We went through lots of mud and had fun with that, we also had a lovely view from the hills we were on. Friday our Nanny and Grandad came round and they left today. We didn't do much with our Nanny and Grandad, but my mum and dad did go out for a meal with them.

The Week Before/The Gathering
On Friday Boo, Bugs, Taz, My dad & I left to the church with all our bags and things. When we got there we chose our bed and waited for everyone else. After everyone arrived we prayed, got in the vans, and then left to the Gathering in Telford. We all arrived and saw our bestist 18 year old friend we gave her a BIG hug( she is at bible college and we miss her loads)and then went to get our orange bands. We all had a look at the Stands and rides. This year they weren't really rides they were more bouncy castle things and bungee runs. The shop stands were pretty much the same as last year. The celebration(main meeting thing) started at 8:15 and we all had an AWESOME time worshiping Jesus and just PARTEEEING!!!!!!!  We also got to see our friends from Energi. It ended really late and we were all nack-ed. Saturday morning we're all up at 7 getting ready and today we have got a lot of stuff going on. 
This sheet here is pretty much all the stuff we did on Saturday.
  I went to the Girls 11-14 one because obviously I'm 12 I have to. We asked questions and a few leaders answered our questions. Go deeper session 1 I did the presence one and that was with Andy Hunter. Go deeper session 2 I did the worship and so did most of us, but it wasn't all that good:| Next we went for dinner and I had subway(for lunch I had MacDonald's) Some of the teens went to the bible college thing but the younger ones just had a break in-till the celebration, with Chip K. He talked  about stage dives( I  know that sounds like a weird thing to talk about but it was good) Chip.K also did a stage dive and it was EPIC!! When the celebration finished we all went to get our onesie's on for the onesie party, Were Chip did an other stage dive and videoed it with his video microphone thing. We all got so boiling hot at the onesie party because we were jumping up and down all the time. We had an hour break and then celebration, then back to our church to go to bed. Actually, Em and I stayed up till midnight to watch the clocks go back:) Sunday,  just the celebration, goodbyes and home:'( there is a review of it on YouTube search serious4God and click on their thingy and you will find it. 

That is my 2 Weeks of AWESOMENESS!!! 


 P.S I've already got my Christmas countdown, EEE so exited!!!

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