Monday, 17 November 2014

My Weekend

Hello people!!!! Today I am going to talk about My Weekend. 

So On Friday my mum and dad left to the Lake-district(Where mum and dad were staying) and we said goodbye( they were only gone until Sunday). The lady who was taking care of us is from our church and her name is Jones, she is very funny and fun.

She got here about fiveish and we had pulled pork and rolls for tea. After tea we all.... Actually I can't remember what we did, I have sat here for about 10 minutes trying to think abut what we did, but my mind is blank. So Saturday Jones left to a thing in Longton. When Boo had come back from ballet we watched Hercules.
We had spaghetti and mints for tea and at about 9.00ish Boo, Jones and I watched a Christmas film, Arthur Christmas.

Sunday we had to have 3 people to come pick us up for church, One person came and picked up Boo, bugs and Taz. Another picked up DD and stitch. Then Jones Took Lilo, Chip and me. It took some time to get Chip dressed, He was being a little stroppy on Sunday. 
In the evening mum and dad came home and we had burgers and chips for tea.

Now we are back to school Jones is home - probably at work -and mum and dad are home - well dad is at work and mum is teaching us school.

Thanks for reading:)


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