Saturday, 12 May 2018

I'm Back

Long time no talk guys!! so a lot has probably happened, but its probably too much to talk about.
Christmas was good, so was Easter and everything is going pretty great in college and life in general.

The main thing I came to write about was my holiday I went on recently. In April I went on holiday to Cornwall with some of my family and a friend. Our job there was to house-sit/pet-sit for another family as they were on their way to Scotland for their own holiday. It was two weeks long and there were too many chances for pretty photos. Maybe too many pretty photos.

First Night: Meeting the family.
The journey was long, but we got to the house eventually. We met the family and spent most the day with them. They showed us the house, the pets and when we took the dogs for a walk, they showed us the area.

Week 1

Day 1: Lazy Sundayz.
It was a Sunday, so we didn't go out, except when we took the dogs down to the beach and got very wet. It was also quite sunny that day, so we got the ducks out for a bit.


Day 2: First exhausting day.
We had a full day out on the Monday. Packed lunches, walking boots on, coats and drinks, ready to go for a really long walk up to see some waterfalls.

Day 3: One extra person
On Tuesday, we had our brother with us. He had joined us on Monday evening when we picked him up from the station after our walk. For our day out we went and did this fun thing where you went around a house and gardens completing little missions. It was a ton of fun and allowed us to make great memories.

Day 4: First Beach day.
It was sunny, hot, and clear blue skies, a perfect day for the beach really. The waves were incredible. It was a lot of fun watching the many surfers around and there was a perfect amount of rocks and caves to explore.

Day 5: Exposed to too much sun.
We played football golf on Thursday. Don't get me wrong, loads of fun and a lot of laughs, but the  sun was maybe shining a little too much. We were outside all day, running around, in the blazing sun, getting very sweaty, thirsty and sun burnt.

Day 6: The docks.
The sun was out again, so we made our way down to the docks to skim stones, watch boats and eat chips.

Day 7: Saying goodbye.
It was our last day with our older brother, so we didn't really go out. We had hoped to go to the chocolate factory cafe near by, but we soon realised it was closed, so instead we hung out in the local park until it was time for lunch and then dropped our brother at the station.

Week 2

Day 1: Paddling in streams.
It was a little bit cooler today, but still hot enough for us to head down to a stream and have a paddle. The water was very cold and refreshing! After we had paddled we went for a walk around the area.

Day 2: Sunset tradition
Monday no.2 was spent rock climbing for us kids. I don't have any pictures of us rock climbing, well, because I was rock climbing, but after rock climbing, we went to the beach to see the sunset and I definitely have pictures of that. I like to think of watching the sunset as a little holiday tradition, its just become something we have to do every time we go holiday.

Day 3: Best hot chocolate ever.
For Tuesday no.2 we decided on doing something that was more inside, so we went swimming. We swam for most the day, so when we got back we were all very exhausted and tired. The whole time we had been in Cornwall we had all really been looking forward to the chocolate factory cafe, so we decided to walk down and have a hot chocolate(in the hopes it was open this time). I must say, it was the best hot chocolate ever! They make all sorts of different flavoured chocolate, so they also made different flavoured hot chocolates. I chose the flavour 'caramel sea salt'. My friend joined me in this choice making.

Day 4: I've been to lands end.
As I did every morning, I took the dogs for a walk and fed all the animals. It was also cleaning day, so I cleaned all the animal pens out. That meant that my family had to wait for me to finish until we could go out. As we were in Cornwall, down south, we took the opportunity and headed down to lands end. It was a much colder day, so when we got there it was very cloudy and you couldn't see much, but it was still cool. Because it was too cloudy, we didn't stay there for long, so after, we headed down somewhere to read about some old mines.

Day 5: Fish and chips by the beach
The sun came back on Thursday, it did rain a little bit at some point, but only for a couple of minutes. We had fish and chips for lunch and went to the beach again, but because it was slightly chillier, we didn't go in the sea as much and played piggy in the middle instead.

Day 6: Last day.
I was sad that it was our last day and I knew that I would miss it. It was a great last day though. We went up for a long walk around a castle. It was exhausting, but it was worth it for the views and pictures.

Day 7: On our way home.
We packed up, took the dogs for one last walk and headed on our 8 hour long journey home.

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed. Will try to write again soon, though I'm busy with revision and homework at the moment and I don't have a computer that is very easy to access, so we'll see. Please comment if you want to.


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