Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to School... OH NO!!!

Hello!!! Hope you enjoyed my blog last week and because its a new term we have all gone up a year...

So Lets start with Bugs...

  • Bugs is doing his second year of college.
  • Taz is in year 11
  • Minni is in year 9
  • I'm in year 8, my second year of high school. Last year I was so exited to go into high school and then when it happened I realized that i really shouldn't of been exited, because going into high school means more work and for longer.
  • Lilo is in year 6, seems so weird that she is going into high school next year.
  •  DD - year 5
  • Stitch - year 3
  • And my youngest sibling Chip, is nearly 4 and next year he will be in pre-school.

Our school timetables have all changed, but some things are allot easier like, we are not fighting over computers as much because we have got a timetable for them, our mum has got a timetable so she knows who she needs to work with and when she needs work with them. Its just a little more relaxed I think.

Well last year our mum took pictures of us because it was a new year and we where all a year up, so this year she has done the same, but at the moment she has only done Minni and I.

It was kinda fun!! :)

If your on Google+ and in my circles you would of seen that the first picture was one of my choices as a profile picture.

So I think that's it and I'm glad I've caught up with everything :D


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