Thursday, 23 January 2014

My week.

Hello. I'm just going to tell you about my week. 

On Monday we well me woke up a bit early and when I say a bit I mean 7:30am. I kind of played on my DS till 8:00 and then got up because I was bored. I was actually still 5 minutes late. But because I do home school it doesn't matter,Well not as much as it would if I was going to real school:) Anyway after school I did pretty much nothing I did jobs and then went on the computer sort of. You see my friend from Energy(a Christian week away from home) she lives in Driffield   so we text each other and go on Google+ together and she wasn't on so I just kinda gave the computer to Bug who needed the computer for collage, The one that he would normally use has no hard-drive. So I went upstairs and did looming(elastic bracelets) It was then teatime I don't have any jobs after tea on a Monday so I went to bed.
On Tuesday I got up about 8:30 and was about half an hour late for school but Tuesday is one of my favourite school days because we do Igniting Your Writing. this week we did create your place. I did a beach house but haven't finished yet will do it as home work on Friday. Taz also did a beach house, Minni did a bubble under the ocean and Lilo did a Tree house which I think is pretty cool. After school I went on the computer and watched 4.0'clock club and MI-HIGH on BBC I player. They were both SO good!
On Wednesday I actually was on time. We did art for all together time on a Wednesday and did this thing were you draw anything on art paper with wax crayon then put very watery water colour over the hole piece of paper and then the wax crayon pops out its so cool!!! I then went to dance with Minni and Bugs. We all did SO well, we were all really happy. I then came home and did my hoovering. While Lilo was on the computer. I went on the computer after her to then watch about 3 minutes of the second episode of MI-HIGH before it was tea time. I have to do the dishwasher with Lilo after dinner so I went back on the computer after that. My mum was really stressed last night so didn't watch all of the episode. I ended up going to bed about 8:55.
We were all late for school today because mum made a big pile in the school room of things that we needed to tidy up. We all started school about 9:30am. I am actually still doing school because writing my blog is part of my school but after this I'm going to watch the rest of MI-HIGH:)
                                   And now here are a few pictures of me when i was littler
                                       Can you believe that all that on my t-shirt is dribble 



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