Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Christmas and New year

Hey, First of all I just want to say Sorry about not posting in a while.  I had a great new year and Christmas, hope all you guys did as well. Here's what I got for Christmas:
  • In my stocking I got...
  • A hat.
  • Really fluffy slipper socks.
  • Minstrels.
  • Lipstick and perfume
  • a little note from Lilo that says my personality in funky writing.
  • A pen
  • And a bow.
Then after stocking presents which we opened about 7:30am we went to church. Then came home and had some lunch. After that we opened the presents under the tree, so here's what I got:
  • Body spray.
  • Playmobil car and horse trailer.
  • A P cushion that has buttons on.(Minni made it for me.)
  • £20
  • 2014 diary.
And that's it. It is quite funny because I got the body spray after I had just bought some a few weeks before,LOL!! it happened with Minni as well. But on boxing day we had all our Aunts, Uncles and cousins round. 
It was really fun and I got a few presents on boxing day as well I got:
  • A White wooden teddy bear ( All us girls got one Lilo and Minni got different shades of purple.)
  • Glitter body gel and nail gems.
  • A puzzle ( which I wasn't very pleased with because I never do puzzles)
  • And then all us girls got a bath bomb making set.
That's all I got on boxing day wasn't much but I got allot on Christmas day. On New year My mum and dad invited a few friends over from church.
We had so much fun!! We played these games:
  • Bonanza.
  • Bang
  • And Dobble.
We all stayed up till midnight but then the little ones like Lilo,Stich and DD went to bed after watching the fireworks. But then the rest of us stayed up till about 1. In the after Noon we invited another family round just one though and they brought a few games along with them:
  • Jungle speed.
  • And Kabaleo.
Jungle speed was diffidently a favourite. The mum nearly left her handbag which was quite funny. Will try to post some pictures next time and please comment. 

                Ta Ta for now.

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