Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Energi pictures

I can finally put pictures of energi
& I didn't take any photos of my dad's birthday.
      The one at the top is my dorm & one underneath is my bed. 

This is When it was sunny and 
did sports outside and their was cricket, football and volleyball.

 There are tire swings and we all love going on them.

We also had a BBQ(barbecue).

This was the talent show & their were some really good talents I've got a video but won't show it this time.
This is my brother he was laughing really weirdly at the meeting making everyone els have the giggles.

This is the bonfire after the meeting & it was really late because the meeting went on forever.

This? D. Hilarious, funnest person at Energi let me describe him.
Awesome,cool funny, irritatingly funny casual. Basically he is just  AWESOME.
We did loads more at Energi but its so much I cant write it all. Lets just face it it was sooooo fun.

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