Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I'm gonna be posting random photos that I found. It will be lots of different photos, but these photos were taken in 2012.                                                                                                                                       Here is a picture of some geese splashing in the water. I think its just amazing! There are some pictures of geese further on.

                                          This is Chip my little baby brother. He is so cute!
                                          This is DD. This is at Trentham

 This is at Weymouth at Sand World. Sand World is were people make sculptures out of sand, some of the   
ones we saw were amazing!
                This is at Weymouth to when me Bugs Mum & Boo went to see the sunset at the beach.
                                          Not shore were this is, but it looks like a sunset.
                                    This Weymouth again at the beach when the tied is coming in.
                                                Some of the waves were really big.
                       These are the geese again. Can you spot the little duckling in the background.  
                            I think the little row of ducks is so funny! The geese were at Tretham to.
                                          Lastly the biscuits we made a long time ago. They were delicious!:P

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