Tuesday, 1 August 2017

End of July update

July has been busy and August is also gonna be busy, but as it's just been an amazing end to July, lets talk about that.
From the 26th-28 we had an amazing christian outreach called JesusLoves. Churches from around Liverpool would set up something a little like this (first 3 pictures below)
We had free coffee, face paints and a game of Jenga. We had some incredible conversations with some people and it was a lot of fun.
In the evening those churches and people we had invited would come to the free event and they probably gave there lives to Jesus.


On Sunday (30th) we had one of our drummers leave our church. He was going back home and we are all going to miss him. We gave him(what I'd say) a very good farewell service/party.



Yesterday (Monday 31st) our Granny came over and we had a family trip to Farmer Teds and then fish and chips at the beach for dinner.




That's it for now. In August we are going on (technically) 2 holidays and I am very excited.
Would love to hear about what you've been up to this summer and I will have lots to talk about when we get back at the end of August!

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