Thursday, 2 March 2017

What I got up to the first day I was 15!

On Monday it was my birthday and I woke up so early, but that didn't stop me from having loads of fun! 
All the birthday wishes from my family and friends put such a massive smile on my face, and I don't even know why, but I even started laughing for no apparent reason!!

I had breakfast and got ready for the day and then we opened my presents. 

I got: Henna 


and a box of celebrations, which I don't have a picture of!

We had an early lunch and then went for a walk!!
It started pouring it down with rain as soon as we got to the park, so we hid in the trees for a bit and then just braved it and went for a walk in the rain and got wet!! Before I tell you about what happened next I must tell you one important piece of information; Everyone I know has had snow, except me. Liverpool had not had snow and I really wanted it to!! So as we decided it was time to head back to the car, the rain started to come down in little balls of white and that's when we realized it was actually snowing!!!!! It made me so happy that the one time is snowed in Liverpool was on my birthday! It eventually turned into sleet, but we had loads of fun anyway!
sorry its side ways!!

We got home, had hot chocolates and got into pajamas.
It was then time for dinner, which I had chosen. We had rice salad(which I have now had 3 years in a row!) and for pudding I asked for eat'n mess, which last time I had it was in 2014! My dad put chocolate on the top and made the number 15 with malteasers!

I dyed my hair a few days before my birthday and I love it! The colour is red like I do it every year!!


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