Friday, 10 February 2017

Abbie is 16!!?? What!!??

Happy 16th Birthday Abbie!! 

I cannot believe she is 16!!!!!

This would be a chance to post a load of ugly photo's of her, but I've already done that on nearly every social media I have, So this post is more of an appreciation post.

She is actually at college today, but gets back in the evening, so to start of Ellie and I decorated the house for when she gets home.


If I had to describe Abbie in one word I couldn't. That is because she is Incredible, Encouraging, Funny, Silly, Trustworthy, and just darn right Amazing!! I wouldn't be me today without her. We have our stupid moments and our serious talks, most the time is just silliness and dancing. She tells me when I need to calm down and even when I don't listen, she tells me she loves me!! She keeps me grounded.

I love you Abbie and no matter what you will always the best big sister ever!!

Thanks for reading, come back soon and feel free to comment!

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