Monday, 20 April 2015

I'm back!!!/ Week & 2 days in Huddersfield.

Hello!!! I haven't written in AGES. The week before the holidays I was going to post about my little holiday I had in Huddersfield with my friend while my mum and dad were away in Kenya, but that never got finished and i never posted it. Instead I am  going to post about that today but its going to be a load of pictures and i will explain what is happening in them.

This picture is just one I took of their dog because I love him SO much he is SO cute!!!

Monday - the day I got there.

 This it Tuesday when we went horse riding in the morning and in the afternoon we made some bead lizards.

I think this is Wednesday when we were free all day and in the evening we went to see a little play in the theater with some friends. It was called 'The Importants of being Ernest.'        (this picture was taken in the break not during the play )

 On Thursday after watching The importants of being Ernest we really wanted to do an afternoon tea, but it turned out to be a more of an evening tea. It was really fun setting it up and making all the mini sandwiches and everything!!!

We made a trifle to go with it and it was so good!!!

                                                                                                                                                   This is Friday and it snowed! I was quite exited about this because there hadn't been much snow were I live!! The snow melted pretty quick but there was still a bit of snow when we took there dog for a walk:) My friend was not as exited about the snow as I was because they had apparently had a lot of snow. Through out the week we read Tom Moorhouse's book called The River Singers and then went to see him talk about his book at a library, it was pretty cool.

This is Saturday when we went for a nice walk and their Granny took us out for a meal because it was the day before mothers day.

Sunday was mothers day so we relaxed and I don't think we did much. Monday was when My friend went to check out a horse because she has been looking for one for ages, so we went to check one out but I decided to not put any pictures up of that because I didn't get any good ones. 
 This is my mothers day card that was actually for my nanny because mum wasn't there on mothers day, she was in Kenya. (I gave it to my Nanny when I got home on Wednesday.) 

 Tuesday we went down to a little cafe and had some REALLY nice ice cream milkshakes!!! mine was Strawberry and my friends was Raspberry ( or it might of been the other way round I can't remember.)

 Wednesday was the drive home. Before we left we took some selfies, ( No I am not showing them to you!!!) played with her guinea pigs and just spent as much time talking ( instead of on our phones or watching movies) as we could. I was really sad to leave because I had so much fun!!! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I will be back next week to tell you about my Holidays:)


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