Monday, 2 February 2015

February Bithdays

Good Morning, Good evening, and afternoon!

Next week on Tuesday the 10th it's Boo's birthday, she will be turning 14. In 3 weeks time on Friday the 27th its my birthday, I will be turning 13. I have technically already had my present.On Saturday last week Boo, My mum and I went to Crew and got my new phone. Its a Sony ExperiaM2 So far I have got it sorted out. I haven't got a case for it yet but I am working on it. On my birthday I am going to get Facebook and I'm so exited. 
I have had my hair cut quite short, but not a bob.
On my birthday I am going to dye my hair red like I did on my last birthday.
Last week we had snow finely!!!!! ( sorry its not that clear.)

Not much today just a little update, but

Thank you for reading!!

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