Monday, 19 January 2015

Boxing Day

This week is boxing day.

In the morning it was just normal. At about 11:30am(I think) ALL the cousins ,  auntie's and Uncles and Nanny and Grandad arrived, so the same as last year there was 21 of us there. we had so much fun playing games, Christmas Dinner, showing everyone our presents, and doing presents. What I got from my relatives was a star Jewelry set ~ Neckless, earings and a bracelet. and money ~ I'm saving up for a new tablet, I broke my previous one.

After presents, tea and then home for the Wrights, but The Pierces where staying for a sleep-over. So the Wrights went home and the Pierces stayed. We cleared up most of the mess and then I think we went to bed ~ in other words in bed but still up:D 

Morning time. 4 of us girls painted each others nails and everyone else watched The Croods down stairs. It was a relaxed day. They left just after tea. The little ones went to bed and us big ones got left to tidy :¬| 

Because I was to busy having fun I didn't get many pictures, but I hope you enjoyed this blog:)
Ginger bread house we made for boxing day.

 Thank you for reading!!

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