Thursday, 31 October 2013


HELLO PEEPS!! I know I haven't spoke since when... 9th of October well I last spoke about Babbi getting brases and now she has got them. She has to cut everything she eats into small pieces, well if its hard or chewy. Any way last weekend we went to the GATHERING! It was my first time there and it was AMAZING!!:D It was from Friday night to Sunday morning its a Christian youth gathering but we have free time so we can go on rides and by stuff from the mini stores and stuff. I bought a HOPE for JUSTICE band and a nice bracelet . There were T-shirts that said Compelled on it cuz that was the theme this year. The rides were twister which is basicly fast tea cups, then there was Out rage which is a ride that goes up and down but in a circle and after a few minutes it goes the other way. I only went on twister. Who came out of are church may you ask was. Aoif,  D, B, Ru, Til, Na(L), Sine, both ashes, Me, Babsy, Bugs, Taz, Em, Sam, Be, Irv, Lil. I think that is it. Lil was new as well. we had rist bands that said SErious4God on it and the band  was actully in orange Everything was awesome!!XD



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