Thursday, 13 December 2012


I have a big story to tell lets get on with it. So 4 days ago we went Christmas camp and it was my families first time there.I stayed and mum,Stich,Dad and Chip stayed there for the night ,but rest like Minni,Bugs,Taz and dad didn't.I stayed in Meggy's room,but mum and all that slept in a separate room together.It was awesome and there was a play and a talent show me and Meggy read a poem for the talent show.There was loads of singing and instruments in the talent show as well.It was really cool.For lunch and dinner and breakfast we just had normal sandwiches and we sometimes had special stuff for lunch but not all ways and vegetable and meet for tea.It was really fun but sometimes I was bored and couldn't find Meggy so I went off alone and listened to my music.There was this thing called secret Santa were we all make a present for someone and we don't know who were being done by.I did for Elinor and I did a home made bracelet with beads its called a Beaded wrap bracelet and I got a stocking with an orange and 2 packets of Haribo's from Alice'n and the resin I know is because everyone went around telling people who they did for.I didn't know who did for me at first so I asked Meggy if she new and first she didn't  then when she went near Alice'n Megan suddenly knew who did me so I new it was Alice'n.Some of us at Christmas camp sometimes played games like sardines,family tag and hide and seek.We normally we played sardines and family tag.some people hid in really small places when we played sardines.Heres  how to play sardines.someone hides and the rest of the people count then when they've counted they have to go find the person that was hiding.Second once they found the person that was hiding they have to hide with the person.When they've all found the person that was hiding the person that found him or she first hides next.Now heres how to play family tag.One person is on that person thats on has to go count the other people just have to stay together if they want to and you have to run away from the person thats counting.Then the person that was counting has to tig everyon .If  you get tug you have to tig people that aren't on.This thing was a bit late being published because there was so much to write.But yesterday was the 12:12:12 and it's are last triple ever.cause we'll never have 13:13:13 we'll only 13:12:13.We did also had a walk at Christmas camp but it wasn't exiting.BY.  

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